Hello it's Wavegate!

The goal of the site is to create a stable version of the /r/medicalschool residency spreadsheets. A problem with the currrent system is that they are created and managed by individual users which often results in trolling or misplaced information. By centralizing all the data, it will be easier for users to organize the information, and will also make transitions from one year to the next easier since there won't be a need to find new spreadsheet moderators every year.

Updates that I plan to incorporate include authenticating users and moderation (to reduce random people adding data), increasing security, giving ways to import and export data, etc.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Anything is possible!

Please send me updated spreadsheets if the information here is outdated.

To-do list
  • Finish importing previous years' data
  • Subreddit test drive
  • Improve messaging system
  • User .edu email verification
  • Improve settings (import, export, etc.)
  • Google/facebook/linkedin/twitter/etc integration
  • Details about programs
  • Rank list
  • Spots available per specialty
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